AOK water Monthly May 2018

1 - Water and Environment
Water is polluted, and the water that could be used can become unusable water, which in effect reduces water resources.
Currently,40 percent of the world's rivers are polluted with varying degrees of pollution, and there is a rising trend.
Water resource protection is not only the premise to realize the sustainable utilization of water resources, but also an important condition for ensuring social and economic development.

2 - Water Technology
Activated water technology is the study of water molecules structure change, using technologies such as far infrared ray, high magnetic field, ultrasonic efficiently will be the smaller molecular structure of ordinary water, become the most beneficial to human body health of water molecules structure...

3 - Water an Health
The role of water in the body is to transmit nutrients, promote liquid circulation, help digestion, excrete waste, maintain respiratory function, lubricate joints and regulate body temperature. Water not only play a role in material transportation and media, and directly involved in the biological macromolecular structure, water, and biological macromolecules with the body's metabolism,  energy metabolism, and metabolic information.
Water is directly related to aging, life, immunity, and metabolism. Water is the source of life and health.

4 - Water market Trend
In the top 10 industries of the 21st century, the terminal water industry, represented by the direct water dispenser, ranks the sixth, with a market capacity of more than 100 billion yuan.
The huge market potential has attracted many investors, such as NorthAmerica, Europe, Australia and another world water treatment giants
In the next three to five years, the drinking water market will be fundamentally overturned.

5 - Why AOK Water
AOK water can meet the following requirements:
1. Good water must keep the original minerals 
2. No chlorine, no impurities, no heavy metal 
3. the water must be weak alkaline water 
4. To qualify for the United States NSF standard 
5. Good water must be oxygen 
6. Good water molecules, high density
7. Processing is better without electricity

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