Alkaline Antioxidant Water Machine: Super Purification, Drinking Better Water and Becoming Healthier

Alkaline Antioxidant Water Machine: Super Purification, Drinking Better Water and Becoming Healthier More than 2/3 of the man’s body is water. Water is the carrier to send nutrients to the human body tissues, to excrete human waste, and to help body fluid (such as blood) became cyclic, it is also a necessary material to digest food, lubricate joints, organs and adjust body temperature. As the saying goes: the medicine is not as good as the food supplement, the food is not as good as the water supplement. One person's health is inextricably connected with the water. It requires people to drink a full amount of water every day, and more importantly, to drink clean and healthy water to maintain the health of the body. The water in normal people is always in a dynamic equilibrium state, and the intake and excretion amplitude of variation is from 1% to 2%. Scientists in the United States studied that, a middle-aged person weighing 65 kilograms, through a variety of ways of urine and skin evaporation, the total amount of displacement of water per day is 2569 milliliters, so 2569 milliliters of water should be supplemented daily. However, some of the water we need is available through food, so we need about 1200 milliliters of water directly obtained from drinking water every day. Drinking water can maintain health, but drinking unhealthy water can also cause a lot of health problems. The barreled water and open water we drink every day looks clear and free of impurities. In fact, there are many inorganic salts, heavy metals and other substances that are invisible to the naked eye, which threaten the safety of people and make the drinking water cleaner through the function of direct drinking water machine. The alkaline water machine purifies the tap water will through the filtration of three layers of filter material, which is restored to active water, such as purification, mineralization, magnetization, oxidation resistance, weak alkali, small molecular mass and so on. The research finds that small molecules of water are easier to enter cells, and can bring more water nutrition into cells, and meantime it is also beneficial to detoxification. Weak alkaline water can neutralize acid waste in the body to improve the nourishment supply of the body, detoxify toxin, promote metabolism and get a healthy body. The famous Changshou village, Panama, the spring water of this village, which can be drunk directly, is the weak alkaline mineral water of small molecules.
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