Alkaline Water : The Great Benefits to Human Body

Ordinary water generally PH sex is neutral (PH=7), according to the principle of electrical decomposition, the electrolysis water machine separates water into oxidizing water and reducing water, respectively, acid water (PH7). Therefore, alkaline water is not simply the water which added alkaline substances. Its Chinese Name: alkaline water and English Name: water (PH>7). It is effective in excreting uric acid. Its molecular formula: H2O. Its benefit is to maintain fluid balance and constipation. There are two types of alkaline water used by families: one is an ordinary electrolysis mode. According to the principle of light gas decomposition, the electrolysis machine separates water into oxidizing water and reducing water, which are acid water (PH<7) and alkaline water (PH>7). The second one is ion exchange method, using the pH value to adjust the resin and add OH- to make the water become alkaline. 
Alkaline water is not simply added to the water of alkaline substances. Alkaline water has a good physiotherapy effect on indigestion, stomach disease and constipation. In foreign countries, especially in Korea and Japan, daily drinking alkaline water has become a habit. The basic water equipment using ion exchange method is used as a medical aid in Korea. 
Kinds of electrolysis water Now many water making equipment adopt the principle of phosgene decomposition, which can separate water into oxidizing water and reducing water, and make it brief pH< 7 and pH>7. It is the most scientific method. Mechanism of action 1.Water molecule electrophoresis This method is mainly used in some electrolysis water making machines, mainly using two electrodes. Under the action of current, the water molecule electrophoresis and strong electric field are used to move the electric ions in the water to two electrodes, and the positive water is formed, and the negative water is produced by the alkaline water. 
2. The reaction of water molecules reaches the goal of neutralizing acidic water molecules and alkaline water molecules through weak current. The cost is very low, and the application is wider. In general, alkaline water cups use this method to enhance the alkalinity of water.
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