Is Alkaline Water Safe for Children?

Our children's health is of utmost importance, and many people wonder if alkaline water is beneficial -- or even safe -- for their children to drink.

Not only does alkaline water provide the peak level of hydration your kids need, it also boosts their immune system, which means more days in school and fewer unexpected visits to the doctor's office. Additionally, at a time in their lives when they are beginning to grasp the concept of stress and peer pressure, alkaline water helps develop mental and emotional stamina, giving them a better foundation for dealing with the trials of everyday life.

However, there are a few instances in which alkaline water may not be the appropriate choice for your child.

These situations include:
  • Water mixed with formula or baby food - Use the "neutral" setting on your ionizer so that contaminants are filtered out, but the pH of the water is not alkaline.
  • The time window 30 minutes before or after giving medicine to a child - If your child washes medicine down with water, be sure to give them neutral water during this time frame.
  • The time window 30-45 minutes before or after eating a meal - Just like with adults, children should not consume alkaline water during this time frame as it may interfere with proper digestion.

Alkaline Water Safe
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