Natural Water--The Best Is Weak Alkaline Water

What is weak alkaline?
According to the experts, human bodies formed relatively stable internal environment with weak alkaline.PH value of common people is around 7.4 (7.35-7.45). The constant phenomenon of PH is called acid-base balance. But this kind of people just takes 10 percent of total population. Eating habits of modern people lead to their acidity is more than alkalinity because of acidic food, what’s worse, PH value of more people is lower than 7.35, their body is in sub-health status which is between health and disease.

New babies are with weak alkaline humor, but with the growth of age, our physique will turn to acidity gradually because of the environment pollution and abnormal life and eating habits. The humor in our bodies is on a descending curve, this is the sign of acidification as well as age. In order to delay senility, modern people are now paying attention to water health and advocating to drink water with weak alkaline whose PH value is between 7.1 and 7.8.

Many fashion women like eating fruit and vegetables because they will become alkaline substance by natural metabolism. In fact, water is better than vegetables and fruit as the Neutralizer. The natural mineral will be taken in by bodies without metabolism and maintain the balance of humor.

A research institute used to find out an out-of-the-way village in Germany. Villagers are all longevous, so it is famous for its longevous. According to the researchers, the main water resource is spring water, all the people in this village are drinking it, the water is weak alkaline and it is different from general neutral water quality, that's the reason for their longevity. Natural mineral water is the best choice.
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