Replacement Steps of Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Cartridge

Steps and precautions for replacing RO membrane When you buy a new pure water machine, the reverse osmosis membrane usually has been installed in the reverse osmosis membrane tube. After using for a period of time, if you need to replace the reverse osmosis membrane, you may turn to  professional personnel to help you with the replacement according to the following procedures: Tools: a wrench, a plier, a bucket, scissors or a knife Precaution: In the process of installation or replacement, try not to pull into other pipelines to avoid leakage. Replacement steps: 1. Turn off the electroplated ball valve for about ten minutes. (let the system decompress)
2. Unscrew the nut joint on the right side of the membrane by hands or tools and pull the water pipe out.
3. Facing the machine, tighten the diaphragm with the left hand, and turn the lid on the end with the right hand. (if the rear active carbon filter at the top of the reverse osmosis tube hinders the operation of this step, it can be moved or pulled out a little. If it is pulled out, disassemble additional pipelines.)
4. Close the pressure barrel ball valve, unscrew the nut joint above it by hands or tools, and import the water pipe into an empty bucket or sink. 
5. Use the left hand to tighten the reverse osmosis membrane tube, then clamp the old reverse osmosis membrane with the pliers, and pull it out of the membrane.
6. Open the new reverse osmosis envelope and remove it.
7. Plug the reverse osmosis membrane of new Kaifeng into the reverse osmosis membrane tube, until one end of the two small black "O" rings reaches the bottom of the diaphragm.
8. As the same position of unscrewing the membrane cover, tighten the membrane cover.
9. If necessary, adjust the connector in the clockwise direction to make it points to the rear of the machine.
10. Plug into the pipe, and tighten the joint screw. (Do not forget to put the tube).
11. Open the plating ball valve.
12. Let the alkalizing water filter run for more than two hours, when the system is at the normal water state, connect the water pipe to the pressure barrel ball valve and open the pressure barrel ball valve. 

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