Weak Alkaline Active Water And Gout

Weak Alkaline Active Water And Gout High uric acid is the main cause of shoulder pain, lumbago and gout. The per 100 milligrams average tap water can only dissolve 11.7 mg of uric acid, while the alkaline level can dissolve 21.3 mg, nearly 2 times the former, and the dissolution rate is 1.8 times that of the former.
According to experts, in drinking water experiment, as long as people drink alkaline water for half a month to a month, the uric acid value in blood will be significantly reduced.

The pH value in healthy people’s blood usually stays between 7.35-7.45 and keeps weak alkalinity. Once the pH value changes, the body will naturally adjust. But if people don’t change life habits and control diet, it can lead to physical deterioration.

The harm of acid constitution

The face of people who have acid bodies is dark, the skin pores become thicker, the skin wrinkles are deepened, the lips are purple, the eyes are invisible, and they are tired, and often have the feeling of lack of strength. Acid physique is the source of all kinds of diseases.
Yanagisawa Wenzheng, a famous Japanese medical doctor, has done an experiment:
He was looking for blood samples from 100 cancer patients. As the result,  the blood of 100 cancer patients is acidic, that is to say, they had an acidic body.
There is a very famous doctrine in the United States called "chip Lai theory". The health of the human body is controlled by the blood acid and alkali base.
In 1973, the two scientists, "Dutch" and "Ba ban" confirmed that the human body must be alkaline only if the lymph cells in the human body want to eliminate cancer cells.

The ancient Greek medical saint "Hippocrates" said, "To cure disease depends on ourselves, which means that all creatures should have the natural individual's body. Because one can completely changed into an "acid constitution", the person's life is maintained no more than two days. Becoming a "acid" constitution, which can generally causes sepsis, or uremia.

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