What Is The Best Choice Of Water For Making Tea?

What is the Best Choice of Water for Making Tea? The Natural Weak Alkaline Small Molecule Water is the Best!

Tea masters have a pet phrase, called: "There are various kinds of teas and water. But only when drinking good tea with good water, the taste is wonderful."

So we can see that using different kinds of water plays a very important role in brewing tea and its effect.

There are many kinds of water used for brewing tea, such as mountain spring water, mineral water, pure water and tap water.

A lot of people are used to making tea with tap water. So let's talk about the shortcoming of this way. Although tap water has been disinfected with chloric acid for many times, which can meet the needs of daily life. It will cause poor effect if use this water to make tea.

The metal ions contained in the tap water can make the original clear tea soup became cloudy and murky, making the original fresh taste of the tea soup became stale and affecting the release of the tea aroma.

However, the effects of making tea with many brand-name mineral water still are not good. Especially the mineral water in the north, of which the solidity is too hard to make tea.

In contrast, The natural weak alkaline small molecule water is the best choice to brew tea.

Natural weak alkaline small molecule water exactly makes up for the shortcomings of tap water and other drinking water. So it is the most suitable for brewing tea.

With this kind of water to make tea, even the ordinary tea of this kind, the tea tastes good; if it is the good tea, the taste will be more pure and better. If make tea with natural alkaline small molecules water, the tea soup will look fine, smell gorgeous and taste fresh and sweet.

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