You Need To Drink Natural Weak Alkaline Water After Exercise

Natural weak alkaline water is necessary after exercising, water without mineral substance is unequal to ideal water.

We all know the importance of water for our bodies, and all the more so for sportspeople. Because exercising will lead to the increase of sweat and the loss of body water. In fact, it is important for us to pay attention to the kinds, quantity and time of water.
What kind of water is good for exercising?

No.1 is natural water. It is not only good for bodies to absorb micro cluster structure but also its osmotic pressure meets the need of human cells, and it also supplies water at the fastest speed. At the same time, profuse sweating will take away the sodium, potassium and magnesium salts out of bodies, therefore, drinking natural water with abundant natural mineral substance can prevent electrolyte from disordering.

Life tips: How to choose healthy drinking water?
The keys to healthy water are 1. no pollution, pathogenic bacteria, heavy metal, harmful chemical substance and moderate hardness; 2. It contains the natural mineral and microelement that is needed by human bodies; 3. small molecular mass water with weak alkaline.
With the above-mentioned conditions is what we called healthy water. You can find the drinking bottled water that meets the need of these requirements by there tags:

1. Check the water resource: if there is no resource, it may be processed by urban tap water.

2. Check the PH value: generally speaking, sellers are willing to show PH value when their bottle water is weak alkalinity while the pH value of acidic bottle water is hidden. However, it there is no marks, ordinary customers can test its acid-base by hydrogen ion test paper.

3. Check the variety and content of mineral substance: pure water is mineral free while mineral water is just with several mineral elements, which is far from satisfying the needs of human bodies. The real healthy water should be with balanced and comprehensive mineral substance, like the natural water with weak alkaline.

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