AOK-109 Double Housing

AOK-109 Double Housing Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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The advantages of the AOK-109 Double-Housing:

1. It produces water of high quality.
2. The taste of the water will never disappoint you.
3. Applying new technology into life, the whole family can share the profits.
4. Being environmentally friendly is the philosophy of our manufacturing.
  • aok-109-double-housing-1_1512732749
  • aok-109-double-housing-2
  • aok-109-double-housing-3
  • aok-109-double-housing-4
  • aok-109-double-housing-5
  • AOK-109 Double Housing

    Drink fresh clean great tasting water with the BPA free Naples Naturals 10 Cup Water filtration system. Sits right on your counter or in your refrigerator and is the perfect way to provide great tasting water for you and your family.

    Enjoy A Fresh Supply Of Cleaner, Purer, Healthier Mineralized Water - Starting Today!

    Let's start with a simple question
    1. Do you have any indication of the quality of the tap water you and your family are drinking, or of what it contains?
    2. How can you be certain that it doesn't contain a variety of heavy metals, high chlorine levels, and a hundred other potentially harmful substances?

    More importantly
    1. What can you do about improving the quality of something like water?

    Well, there's a simple and affordable answer to that; it's this water ionizing pitcher, and it may just be exactly what you need!

    Water 2.0 Is Here - Enjoy The Countless Benefits Of Mineralized Alkaline Water
    You and your family deserve nothing but the finest - even when it comes to water, and mineralized alkaline water is exactly that: water of higher quality, better than any kind of tap or bottled water.

    Contrary to those, alkaline ionized water has a negative oxidization reduction potential that helps neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. Due to its high anti-oxidant concentration, it has natural anti-aging properties at the same level or better than Vitamin C, and also has better hydrating and absorption rates.

    Plus, it tastes fresh and delicious!

  • AOK-109 Double Housing


    This great alkaline water ionizer pitcher incorporates a high-tech filter cartridge that refines water through no less than six different layers, with an unparalleled capacity of 300lt per filter cartridge. The filtration process only takes a few minutes, removes more than 90% potentially harmful substances like lead and copper, and produces deliciously natural-tasting fresh and healthy water!

    It's the 21st century. We've used our mastery of technology to improve every other aspect of our life - so why should water be any different? That's the line of thinking that led us to the creation of the Alkaline Water Pitcher, and mineralized alkaline water. Not only does it have great health benefits, it tastes also has a fresh and delicious natural taste!

    By micro-clustering and reducing water molecule size, this great water ionizer pitcher produces easily-absorbable alkaline water that will get you hydrated faster and more effectively. Filtered alkaline ionized water contains minimal free radicals and toxins, is a powerful antioxidant and enhances your energy levels and immune system.

    By utilizing a specially formulated 6-stage filter, the Alkaline Water Pitcher removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from water, sets its pH to a basic value between 8.5 and 10 depending on the source water. It also adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium minerals and anti-oxidants, and provides a low negative ORP between -100 and -200 mv.

    When it comes to our Alkaline Water Pitchers, we make a point of using nothing but the finest materials available, as well as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and strict quality control. Each of our high capacity water tank 3.5l pitchers has a filtration capacity of 2l, and is conveniently shaped to perfectly fit into your refrigerator!

    VOTED BEST OF ITS KIND 2014-2017
    Our Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher is the absolute best. You don't have to take our word for it, however - not when it has been voted "Best Alkaline Mineral Water Pitcher" by the market's specialists, for four consecutive years in a row!
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