AOK-109 Single Housing

AOK-109 Single Housing Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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The advantages of the AOK-109 Single-Housing:

1. It is inexpensive with each liter costing less than $0.17 cents.
2. By removing contaminants, drinking water becomes more beneficial to your health.
3. It is designed to fit in your refrigerator and stores.
4. The quality of the BPA free materials is guaranteed through strict tests.
  • aok-109-single-housing-1_1512731851
  • aok-109-single-housing-2
  • aok-109-single-housing-3
  • AOK-109 Single Housing
    AOK alkaline water Filter pitcher makes it easy and inexpensive to drink alkaline filtered water every day. Your everyday cost of our filtered high energy water is less than $0.17 cents per liter or less than $0.05 cents per glass.

    And, like the gravity water systems, it removes contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals and industrial pollutants while adding back beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals. All this for just pennies a glass that also allows you to be eco-friendly by eliminating the need for disposable plastic water bottles. Produces twice as many glasses of water compared to most other water jugs.

    1. Would You Choose To Drink Chlorine, Lead, Copper, Lime Scale, and Sediments?
    2. Do you have any indication of the quality of the tap water you and your family are drinking, or of what it contains?
    3. How can you be certain that it doesn't contain a variety of heavy metals, high chlorine levels, and a hundred other potentially harmful substances?
    4. More importantly - what can you do about improving the quality of something like water?

    Well, there's a simple and affordable answer to that; it's this water ionizing pitcher, and it may just be exactly what you need!

  • AOK-109 Single Housing
    • Made from BPA free and food grade AS and ABS materials, anti-microbial, easy to clean, and designed to perfectly fit in your refrigerator
    • A 6-stage composite filter cartridge that contains activated carbon, ion exchange resins, negative potential particles, and FIR balls
    • Raise your water's pH up to 9.5 with a bonus smart digital indicator that lets you know when the cartridge has to be replaced
    • The easiest and most cost-effective way to lower your water's oxidation reduction potential by 200 to 400 points as alkaline ionized water only contains minimal traces of chlorine, lime-scale, and heavy metal like lead and copper, which makes it healthier, tastier, and more refreshing
    • With its high saturation levels of molecular hydrogen, alkaline water improves hydration and acts as a powerful, primal antioxidant great for your health
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